Child Daycare Finder Application

Shata Yangabout 1 year ago
Child Daycare Finder Application
  Help parents, family, friends, neighbors find child daycare so they can be at ease when transitioning to work or from one care provider to another.
As a parent, my husband and I had to discover and plan for child daycare and went through a list of questions and numerous tours. Tours take time away from work and time not everyone has. How wonderful would it be to have the information easily available in one spot where all essential child daycare questions could be addressed prior to touring the facility. Information should be easy, accessible, and consistent when looking for child daycare. This is a time and stress saver. 
  Idea: Have an application where individual may search by zip code to find a list of available providers in the area. Should be able to filter by child age range group, date of when provider has openings available.
  Resources: Would rely on providers to update information to feed into application. Providers fill out FAQ that uploads to the application. Also application should be able to pull data from and DHS data
  Example of what should be in the provider FAQ: number of teacher to children ratio, cost per day/week/month, cost in age range, vacation time allotted per year, what meal is included, policy for sick days, what's provided as part of care, is there any religious affiliation during hours of care (ex: Christian music), what is the center's emergency plan.

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