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dave@benders-of-edina.comabout 1 year ago
Create or adapt a phone app that leads players around the community searching for something, getting informative hints and clues in the meantime.  Like a "Where's Waldo" theme, but that name is probably copyrighted.   I plugged "Erik" in because our Congressman, Erik Paulsen, has been avoiding the public, not showing up at town halls, prompting some public interest, including someone at a recent town hall who had a "Where's Erik" sign.  

But the game could be used for other promotional purposes.  The parks and recreation department, for example, could lead players to all of the parks in the city.

The app would have:
  • clues that could be entered by the game maker
  • locations - areas that when the phone comes within a specified radius of that location register as a hit.
  • location messages -- Some text displayed when the location is found

A website could accompany this to list players (hunters?) and their current score.

Using the parks and rec example, clues might be:
  • Go to the park where the green dinosaur is playing with the lizard.
  • Find the park with three ice rinks in winter.
The clues could either lead one to another, or players could score a point for each hint they found and win something when they reach a certain level.

Using the Congressman Paulsen example, clues and location messages to Find Erik might be:
  • Go to the nearest Wells Fargo bank.  Nope, not here.  Wells Fargo gave him $29,000, though. They might know where he is.
  • Go to the library public records desk. Sorry, you won't find him here. Erik voted to make all his public records private.
This variation of the game would never end, of course.  

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  • Tim Erickson Tim Erickson • about 1 year ago

    I played Ingress for a little while and love the fact that it got me out walking around and exploring the city. I wondered about the possibility of creating a game that got you out and around the city and involved you in community issues at the same time (OR educated you about local government/decision making).