Parents United Educator Abuse Tracker

cheveuxmeanshair@yahoo.comabout 1 year ago
In the days of tenures after 3 years...There needs to be a way to weed out twisted teachers, coaches, administrators etc. before they retire and have 40 years of harming our children under their belts. We all know stories of teachers that pick on certain types of children, kick elementary kids out of their classrooms, label children and invite teasing from other children and staff. Too often (by design) those who don't reflect the socio-economic status or climate of the institution etc.are driven to attend other schools.
Coaches who date or assault students etc. are equally harmful.  I think if we had some well placed incident, tracking mechanism where parents could list school, incident, perpetrators etc. we would be able to track and see patterns that could be addressed more efficiently. This clearinghouse could also help parents in knowing they are not alone in balancing the needs of the educational system with the needs of their child. And, perhaps offer them more leverage in creating change in a timely manner. Please note this is not meant to bash the education system, but rather build more healthy, nurturing, positive experiences for all involved.  I would be willing to lead or help with discussion...I will arrive @1 on Saturday and be available through out the end of the workshop Sunday.
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