SFF - State Fair Food (working title) | a keyword-tagged, location-including food-sharing app to launch at the State Fair

kathyahlers@gmail.comover 1 year ago
Did you ever think, "I'd like some _____ , but not if I have to get such a huge amount"? Or, "I'd like to sample _____ , but I don't know if I'll like it, and I don't want to risk wasting all that money"?

Enter SFF, State Fair Food: a keyword-tagged, proximity-delimitor-including food-sharing app that will launch at the State Fair and allow you to find one or more people who want to split a bucket of cookies, an order of fried alligator, a Middle-Eastern veggie platter, or whatever...and to set a meeting place, time and identifying characteristics. Histories of transactions and cellphone identifiers are kept in the system for 24 hours to guard against abuses. 

Beyond the State Fair, SFF also scales to include larger proximities, giving a tool for individuals or groups to set up events (like Meetup for events to eat specific foods) and find others interested in the same specific food or ethnic restaurant for convivial gatherings and food sharing.

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  • Jason Sunde Jason Sunde • about 1 year ago

    I'm interested in helping with something like this, but the help button is disabled