Open Data Census

Mark Allan Puchala IIalmost 2 years ago

Project Summary

The first step in making data actionable is to make sure the data is easily accessible.
Many cities, whether they have an open data policy in place or not, have work to do in terms of making datasets open and available online.
Do an evaluation of where your city stands on releasing our landscape of datasets openly, and work with your municipal partners to come up with a plan for making all of them open and available in 2014.
To add info about a dataset, simply:
  1. Visit
  2. Click the blue button at the top right
  3. Answer the questions.


Relevant Skills

  • Knowledge of Twin Cities government datasets

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  • • over 1 year ago

    The Minnesota Population Center at the U of M has increased and easier access to Census Data (US and elsewhere) as its mission. They might be a potential partner for something like this.