Minnesota Jim Crow confirmed by Met Council analysis

Roxanne Johnsonalmost 2 years ago
I saw this article in April, thought it might be worth digging into the data to see how we might use it to understand some of the problems that exist and propose good solutions. I'd love to hear ideas from others about what we could do.

"A new report from the Met Council takes a deep dive into statistics, juggling 10 different demographic factors (e.g. age, education, immigration) to isolate one variable: race. The report finds that “underlying demographic differences cannot explain away our region’s disparities in employment, income, and homeownership between Black and White residents.” One factor can explain the differences: continuing institutional and structural racism, which is maintained and supported by conscious and unconscious personal racism.

The Met Council finds demographic differences between Black and White Minnesotans:

'Compared with the region’s White residents, Black residents are 1) younger, 2) more likely to have been born outside the U.S.—and if so, immigrated more recently, and 3) more likely to self-report lower English language skills. These differences matter because they are associated with lower employment rates, less income and lower homeownership rates.'”

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