Get Out the Vote Carpool App (Could be applied to US & International Markets)

Michaelinealmost 2 years ago
Offer a ride or sign up for a ride within your zip code to get to your precinct to go vote. Precinct parking is limited and some citizens may not have access to a vehicle or public transportation or the finances to take a taxi. I had to park and walk a half mile to my precinct for the 2016 primaries. The app could then be replicated in international markets as well.

We could also brainstorm about the possibility of having permanent residents participate as drivers and learn about the US voting system from voters, with voters learning more about the immigrant experience through getting to know their driver en route. Both drivers and voters could get a non-branded "buy local" gift card (or something like that) for participating that could be used at local stores in their area.  This could be done in a test market and expanded if successful.  Something similar could be offered as related to childcare for voters given the right eligibility protocols and incentives.


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  • Sasjkia Otto Sasjkia Otto • over 1 year ago

    Have you seen Linking volunteer drivers and anybody who needs a ride to claim their vote.