One-Stop Shop Application for Social Benefits (both private and public)

Michaelineabout 2 years ago
App to determine eligibility and initiate enrollment in various financially based social service programs (funded via the public and private sectors) using only one online application form/survey. Currently applicants need to get this info from numerous different offices located throughout their county and beyond and are often unaware about all their options. Often if a person can get an infusion of support during an acute life event, such as the death of a family member who previously contributed to the household, or a period of temporary unemployment, or those fleeing from an abusive partner, they can return to being fully self-sufficient more quickly.  

Aside from the more commonly known programs such as unemployment, programs may include Family Assets for Independence in Minnesota (FAIM), Section 3 (a construction employment program based on income), Energy Assistance Programs, Telephone Assistance Programs, MNSure/MA, Jeremiah Program, SNAP, etc. Includes a sign up for text or email alerts, that can be filtered by zip code or county, about new (or reinstated) initiatives when they become available or programs that are only available at certain times of the year (i.e. free tax assistance). 


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