Ruby Bridge (Learn To Code)

Ian Whitneyalmost 2 years ago
Interested in learning how to code? Want to learn the Ruby programming language? In this project we will follow the Learn To Code curriculum ( from RailsBridge. Teachers and assistants will help guide everyone through the lessons.

Topics covered are:
  • Ruby
  • The command line and why we use it
  • Strings, Arrays, Variables, Objects, Loops, Files
  • Object concepts like Methods
  • How to run your Ruby code interactively (irb) or from a file
  • Make a very simple website run on your own computer


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  • Tamara Temple Tamara Temple • almost 2 years ago

    Ian, I'd love to help on this. I've been leading the Rails Beginners monthly meetup and love teaching Ruby and Rails to people.
  • Ian Whitney Ian Whitney • almost 2 years ago

    That's great, @Tamara! I think we've done some RailsBridges together as well.
  • • almost 2 years ago

    Can I Ruby Bridge on an iPad? Also, what is the exact time frame of this project?

  • Ian Whitney Ian Whitney • almost 2 years ago

    You should be able to participate on an ipad, yes. 

    The amount of time we spend on it is going to be up to the participants, I think. We can easily spend both days learning the basics of programming.