Ruby Bridge (Learn To Code)

Ian Whitney11 months ago
Interested in learning how to code? Want to learn the Ruby programming language? In this project we will follow the Learn To Code curriculum ( from RailsBridge. Teachers and assistants will help guide everyone through the lessons.

Topics covered are:
  • Ruby
  • The command line and why we use it
  • Strings, Arrays, Variables, Objects, Loops, Files
  • Object concepts like Methods
  • How to run your Ruby code interactively (irb) or from a file
  • Make a very simple website run on your own computer


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  • Tamara Temple Tamara Temple • 11 months ago

    Ian, I'd love to help on this. I've been leading the Rails Beginners monthly meetup and love teaching Ruby and Rails to people.
  • Ian Whitney Ian Whitney • 11 months ago

    That's great, @Tamara! I think we've done some RailsBridges together as well.
  • • 10 months ago

    Can I Ruby Bridge on an iPad? Also, what is the exact time frame of this project?

  • Ian Whitney Ian Whitney • 10 months ago

    You should be able to participate on an ipad, yes. 

    The amount of time we spend on it is going to be up to the participants, I think. We can easily spend both days learning the basics of programming.