Challenge: Data Visualization for Obama Administration's Promise Zones

Jake Akervikalmost 2 years ago

Minneapolis Promise Zone

The Minneapolis Promise Zone (MPZ) is a Federal initiative led by the City of Minneapolis. It is focused on equity and inclusion, economic development, employement, housing, and more. Some of the MPZ goals that could help with ideas for a data visualization or app project are here:

Some of the ArcGIS data for all of the PZs around the country is here:

Challenge: Data Visualization for Obama Administration's Promise Zones

For decades before the economic crisis, local communities were transformed as jobs were sent overseas and middle class Americans worked harder and harder but found it more difficult to get ahead.

Announced in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union Address, the Promise Zone Initiative is part of the President’s plan to expand access to opportunity in high poverty communities across the country, by partnering with local communities and businesses to reach goals that are important to them, like create jobs, increase economic activity, expand educational opportunities, increase access to quality, affordable housing, and improve public safety.

For this year’s National Day of Civic Hacking, we’re asking civic technologists to create data visualizations that tell the story of Promise Zones and economic development in other cities. To learn more about Promise Zones, you can visit the White House fact sheet here. The first 5 Promise Zones were announced in 2014, 8 more were announced in 2015, and the final 7 will be announced this year. Promise Zones will be even stronger with your help to visualize and understand data on their communities to make their work more effective at creating better lives for local residents.

Please note that this is a National Day of Civic Hacking challenge, not a federal challenge or competition.

Local Contact: Jake Akervik (, MPZ Federal Liaison, US Dept of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)


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  • Jake Akervik Jake Akervik • almost 2 years ago

    I plan to be at the event on the Sunday; unfortunately I can't be there on Saturday due to a work trip. However, my HUD colleague, James Baltazar ( will be there on Saturday to help with info and ideas for anyone working on projects related to the Minneapolis Promise Zone or housing.