Collaborative Road Construction and Closures with Private Sector/Open Source Map App Integration _

Perry Clarkabout 2 years ago

Many governmental units in Minnesota have open road construction and closure data, the data is disparate, difficult to access, have a dissimilar data structure, and is not consumed by the private sector/open source mapping applications that we all use for navigation. It is not practical for every road authority to submit road construction and closure data to every private sector/open source map app.

  • By building a central repository or creating a publishing standard, governmental units can openly expose road construction and closure data with a common structure.
  • Creating a one stop web app for governmental and public users to view road construction and closures will give everyone easy access to road construction data without borders or barriers, and streamline interagency coordination and planning efforts.
  • Building an application that is capable of publishing collaborative road construction closure data to all major navigation apps (Google, MapQuest, Waze, Bing, etc...) will create a live connection between road authorities and data consumers. An alternative would be that the collaborative road construction and closure data could be accepted and sourced directly by major navigation apps (see Waze Connected Citizens Program).

The State of Minnesota has undertaken similar efforts in the past, this suggestion is different because it rewards governmental agencies and the public by connecting authoritative open road construction and closure data with private sector/open source navigation apps.


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