Hacking African American History

Chad Fennellabout 2 years ago
Umbra: Search African American History (umbrasearch.org) is a free digital platform that brings together content documenting African American history and culture in order to enable the creation of new works—research projects, scholarship, curricula, art of all kinds—that illuminate parts of our history that have not been enough broadly accessible.

Code Switch is an ideal opportunity for the Umbra team to work with the community to get feedback on features, design and overall usability of the site and to set long-term priorities for the project. I'll be on-hand with one or two potential projects up my sleeve. If you're a developer, come and help make Umbra a little better. If you otherwise have an interest in Umbra, come tell us your ideas and let's see if we can make something together.

Potential areas for exploration, improvement, or work within the hackathon:
  • Build native moble OS wrappers around Umbra, allowing us to feature Umbra in the Apple and Android app stores.
  • Hackathon participants do informal guided usability assessment of umbra and work with the development team to implement fixes, tweaks or enhancements
  • Hackathon participants build something on top of the Umbra API
  • You tell us what would make Umbra more useful to you and we see about making your idea come to life



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