Metro-wide mapping of law enforcement response history

psong10@hotmail.comabout 2 years ago
Create a public, metro-wide map that compiles the following data sets to illustrate law enforcement and sentencing activity based on geographic location:
  • Location of reported incident
  • Description of reported incident
  • Nature of crime (violent, property, etc.)
  • Response time
  • Number of officers/units responding to incident
  • Law enforcement action taken (warning, raid, arrest) 
  • Sentencing decision with contributing sentencing factors (such as prior history, nature of crime)
The goal would be to create an objective data view of law enforcement response history to measure response equity across the region. While a separate set of data could track race of officer, victims and offenders for race focused dialogue, it may be more important to omit that information to eliminate bias. An example of a question the data could be interested in answering might be something like "What does a traffic violation look like in Minneapolis versus Wayzata?"

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  • Tom Phelan Tom Phelan • about 2 years ago

    I like the idea of examining law enforcement information but I'm not sure if all the info you reference is available. Can you be more specific about what datasets you want to use and how to get them?
  • • about 2 years ago

    Good question/point. I think my question assumes that those police report records are easily accessible, since they are public info. But a quick search seems to suggest that individual requests be made. Is there any way to attain and use 911 call/dispatch data and city/county police arrest/contact summary records on a realtime or near realtime basis?

    I'm a little out of my element in knowing what data is available. So if it's not feasible, I'll withdraw my idea.