SMS Message when I get a parking ticket or my car is towed

Luke Hemkenabout 2 years ago
I just had my car towed this past weekend. I started panicing when I saw a big Ford F150 where my Honda was parked. I thought to myself...I wish there was an opt-in service where I could receive a text message when I receive a parking ticket or my car gets towed. That way, I could know that my car got a ticket and either to go feed the meter or move it before my car gets towed. Even if my car gets towed, then I would know and not think that my car was stolen.


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  • thizzle614 thizzle614 • about 2 years ago

    Towing companies aren't a part of government. You would have to ask police officers  but I know they wouldn't want to contact once they write the ticket to something like an abandoned vehicle