Create a database/repository of public meeting locations

tim@politalk.orgabout 2 years ago

Individuals and organizations are frequently looking for public places to host a meeting, party, class or public event. There are a variety of public and private institutions which have space available for free or at a cost. Many of these potential meeting locations are libraries, parks, schools, or churches. We’d like to try to gather and aggregate data from publicly available datasets and making it available to search and filter from an online portal for use by community organizations and the public. Individuals or organizations could add locations to the dataset individually or in bulk (csv files). Frequent users of the data would be able to modify the data to include additional information of value to meeting planners and organizers.

Data could be made available to other sites or applications through a public API.

See conversation about this idea:!topic/twin-cities-brigade/R5pwcbgnn40


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