What do you call this place?

Andrew Dahlabout 2 years ago
Ask 10 different people what neighborhood you're in right now and you'll get 12 different answers. Is this the North Loop or the Warehouse District? Northeast or St. Anthony? Old Highland or Near North? Uptown or Whittier? Everyone has their own definition of neighborhood geographies, and they change over time. Let's create a crowdsourced solution for identifying what people really call their neighborhood. I'm envisioning a web app that contains a list of every intersection in the City. By clicking a button, the user is presented with a point on a map and its corresponding streetview, and is then asked to type into a form the name of what neighborhood the intersection is located in. After submitting their answer, they're presented with a new intersection and the process repeats. Over time, with enough submissions, we would have a dataset that would allow us to draw boundaries of how people actually perceive their city.


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