Who Governs Here?

Michael Altmannabout 2 years ago
The Secretary of State's office has a nice web page that allows the user to specify an address and get information about the associated government officials and polling locations.
However, it isn't location-aware and it is a multistep process to enter the address.  It also lacks information about Minneapolis city council.   Lets create a mobile app that detects your location and retrieves the info.  This would make it easy for door-to-door canvassers to quickly get that information.
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  • Bill Bushey Bill Bushey • about 2 years ago

    Hi Michael, you might want to take a look at Your Next Representative (github), a FOSS voter guide started by MySociety and is being supported by the Knight Foundation. E-Democracy and OTC helped to host a pilot of this for last year's Ramsey County elections, so it includes MN SoS data as well as Saint Paul ward data. Your Next Rep still relies on the user to enter a zip code, but it's a responsive webapp with an API, and they might accept a location aware PR.