Facilitate the creation of walking tours with Story Maps

Michael Altmannabout 2 years ago
ESRI (the company that makes ArcGIS) has a tool called Story Map that could be used to create walking tours and history projects.  Story Maps are a good tool for creating visual stories about a location.  These could help people explore neighborhoods and hear oral history.   They would be a nice complement to traditional tourism web sites and could be crowd-sourced (with some curation).

The goal of this project would be to understand the licensing and workflow so that local groups want to leverage this technology.  We would document the process and  create outreach information so that school groups, scout troops, neighborhood organization, and history buffs know how to create a Story Map and then have it "recommended" by government web sites.

As one example, I would love a Story Map of the murals of South Minneapolis.  Many of these are stunning and are connected to interesting stories about the artist and the neighborhood. See Philly's realy nice site


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