Metro Transit SMS bot

Jordan Mogckover 2 years ago
Users with cellular connectivity can text a bot which will ask simple questions to learn and store data such as most frequent bus routes the associated phone number uses.

In subsequent texts, a user may text something like "46."
The bot will responds, "It's 8:45 am. Are you catching the 46? Type Y or N"
"The 46 will be at Chicago Ave S and 46th E St in 12 minutes."

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  • Mike Dolbow Mike Dolbow • about 2 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. I would totally use this - I walk around "sans data plan" and often my only choice is to call the hotline and go through the menus. When 90% of my answers are the same, it would be awesome to have something like this. I hope you get to build it!