Is It Plowed?--A way to quickly find out whether or not your street has been plowed in a snow emergency.

Gabe Goldsteinabout 2 years ago
Currently most cities have information about snow emergencies on their websites and sometimes also apps, and send updates via email, text and social channels. So far, most of this information focuses on the declaration of the snow emergency and its basic rules.
This next logical step is regular updates about plowing. This project could be a responsive website as well as a phone app with real-time information about what roads have been plowed, with updates pushed every 15 minutes.
It would provide a fully functional map (capability to zoom from the entire city or county to street level and search for by address) and information on what portions of roads had been plowed and which ones had yet to be plowed. It would also have a feature (or separate website) where you could enter a specific address and it would inform you whether or not that section of road had been plowed yet (similar to or Chicago also has a similar service to this:
In spring and fall, the product could also be used to inform residents whether or not the street sweepers had been through to clear leaves. Basically any time there’s a snow emergency or signs are put up limiting parking because of city maintenance to roads.
Depending on the available data and how snow emergencies are handled, this could city-specific or cover a broader area if multiple data streams can be effectively combined.

It would also allow you to sign up to follow and get updates on when the street at that address had been plowed. You would then receive updates via whatever channel you choose (email, text, tweet, etc).

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  • Kelly Clausen Kelly Clausen • about 2 years ago

    Colorado DOT has such a system:

  • Perry Clark Perry Clark • about 2 years ago

    Great suggestion, we are working through this right now.
  • Misha Ignatenko Misha Ignatenko • about 2 years ago

    Do you know if plow trucks in Twin Cities report their live location data?
  • Bill Bushey Bill Bushey • about 2 years ago

    As suggested by Nick R, if real-time plow data isn't available for Geo:Code, the real-time bus data provided by MetroTransit could act as a stand-in for design and development. For an example of an application using MetroTransit's API, you can checkout OMGTransit's open-source repo.
  • Mike Dolbow Mike Dolbow • about 2 years ago

    My source at the state says that it might be tough to get the AVL data from DOT. From a user's perspective, is this data pertinent? Or is it more about local snow emergencies and parking restrictions?
  • Perry Clark Perry Clark • about 2 years ago

    From a county perspective exposing exactly where our plows are is not very desirable but showing route completion is seen as a good public service.  Residents on State and County roads might wait until the road is clear before attacking their driveway, and people with the luxury of leaving later for work or other travel might wait until roads have been cleared.  MnDOT does this in a qualitative manner on 511 site by giving road conditions, route completion does not define what is; good, bad or ugly simply what is done.
  • Kelly Clausen Kelly Clausen • about 2 years ago

    Carver, Scott and Hennepin are bringing some data along for you all to play with for this project! Please see a Geo:Code 2.0 project volunteer to obtain the data once we move into project work time Saturday morning!