Regional Bike Facility Application

Nate Kabatabout 2 years ago
Boyd Johnson
 This would build upon the work done for Hennepin County at last year’s GeoJam to include a regional view of the available bicycle facilities in the seven-county Twin Cities region. Carver County and MNDOT have also done analysis for print-based maps to show traffic volumes and shoulder widths on State and County roads to inform cyclists seeking to use these facilities. This project could seek to incorporate that analysis into a web-based format as well. This improvement would result in a regional tool to inform bicycle navigation on all facilities – trails, shoulders, and roads – that are open to bicyclists.


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  • Boyd Johnson Boyd Johnson • about 2 years ago

    Hi Nate, Is the Carver County/MNDOT analysis open for the public? If so could you provide a link. Thanks, and I think this is a great project.
  • Michael Hoy Michael Hoy • about 2 years ago

    I'm definitely interested in the analysis as well. Can't seem to find anything online.
  • Andrew King-Scribbins Andrew King-Scribbins • about 2 years ago

    The MN Legacy Fund has a parks and trails fund.  They are also starting a new initiative this year.