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from March 4 at 9:00am to March 5 at 5:00pm

Geo:Code is back, and we have expanded based on your feedback!

Join Open Twin Cities and Hennepin County for one of the most important civic tech events in the Twin Cities. Geo:Code 2017 is a series of open data workshops and conversations to connect people who live, work and govern in Hennepin County. This year we will have two tracks: a county camp unconference and, as in years past, coding space for an open hackathon. Participants are welcome to participate in either or both tracks and to switch through out the weekend.  

The goal is to create a more accessible government by working with residents and fans of Hennepin County. This event is free and we will serve breakfast and lunch. Geo:Code 2017 will be held at the Minneapolis Central Library. Bring your ideas, your experiences, and your creativity. Submit an idea for a session below once you have registered.

Get started right now by clicking Register Now. Once you're registered, tell us what you’d like to lead, present, discuss, work on or share by Submitting an Idea below. Visit to learn more about Geo:Code 2017.

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Proposed Session or Project Ideas

Linking parks via bike trails

Andrew Roseabout 1 year ago

Create a sortable list for mobile devices to get from one park to another via metro bikeways.

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Present a session; Lead a discussion

megknodl@gmail.comabout 1 year ago

Are you interested in presenting or leading a session at Geo:Code? Add your idea and name in a comment.

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Blockchain voting system for MN

Colin Tuggleabout 1 year ago

A blockchain is a distributed network of computers that all have a full copy of a ledger (think debit, credit, total).  Blockchain technology is incredibly secure and is "trustless" when implemente...


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Digital government listening session

Megan Evans Seedsabout 1 year ago

Facilitated small group conversations to gather your insights as county residents/stakeholders and inform the county's delivery of online servicesShare recent service interactions you have...

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SFF - State Fair Food (working title) | a keyword-tagged, location-including food-sharing app to launch at the State Fair

kathyahlers@gmail.comabout 1 year ago

Did you ever think, "I'd like some _____ , but not if I have to get such a huge amount"? Or, "I'd like to sample _____ , but I don't know if I'll like it, and I don't want to risk wasting all that ...

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Environmental Health local exposures vs. local disease (crowd source entry) Exposures /risk sites - Real time Analytics to help identify any health trends regionally, then beyond and to help identify any potential correlation

Stephanie Tuckerabout 1 year ago

Many people get sick, and underlying causes are never found.  One area of emerging concern and potential risk to health of all, includes Environmental Health Risk Exposures. We need real time GIS e...

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Ways to Secure open source data beintg used by non-technical end-users on public platforms (like library terminals). Specific focus: documents generated using speech -recognition software

Troy Petersonabout 1 year ago

We are the typical end-users cited in the title above.  We want help answering one question.  How feasible would securing as per the title be and could it be done within the Hennepin County Library...

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Parents United Educator Abuse Tracker

cheveuxmeanshair@yahoo.comabout 1 year ago

In the days of tenures after 3 years...There needs to be a way to weed out twisted teachers, coaches, administrators etc. before they retire and have 40 years of harming our children under their be...

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Community-Specific Drinking Water Quality Data

lilie1ar@cmich.eduabout 1 year ago

I am very interested in figuring out the best ways to help local governments and community residents get better access to the information in "source water assessments" which describe how susceptibl...

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Measuring Access to Destinations

Andrew Owenabout 1 year ago

UMN's Accessibility Observatory ( focuses on measuring accessibility -- an indicator of how well our transportation and land use systems create connections between people and...

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Passive pothole detector

dave@benders-of-edina.comabout 1 year ago

Create an embedded device that attaches to the underside of vehicles that, using sonar or other distance measuring means, can detect when the car passes over a pothole.  (The distance to the ground...

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Where's <Erik> community search game

dave@benders-of-edina.comabout 1 year ago

Create or adapt a phone app that leads players around the community searching for something, getting informative hints and clues in the meantime.  Like a "Where's Waldo" theme, but that name is pro...

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Alexa Snow Emergency skill

Andrew Zimmerabout 1 year ago

An Alexa skill that when asked will use the address or external ip to say if the address is in a snow emergency.

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SESSION & PROJECT: My Favorate Meeting Place - A database of local meeting locations

Tim Ericksonabout 1 year ago

We started this project at last years GeoCode. The idea was to create a database of places available for public meetings. Places like libraries, rec centers, churches, etc.  We built a basic protot...


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SESSION: Local e-tools for civic engagement and public dialogue

Tim Ericksonabout 1 year ago

I would like to facilitate a discussion about how we are using online technology to connect local residents to learn about government, offer ideas, and collaborate with each other to solve problems...

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SESSION: Balancing Open Data and Privacy

Tim Ericksonabout 1 year ago

I'd like to have a discussion about the privacy concerns around open data. It's very easy to advocate for governments to make more data public while at the same time being concerned about the lack ...

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Help My Neighbour - mobile app

Peter Mabout 1 year ago

Notification app for neighbors to broadcast their needs and interests using location data to identify only registered users within a chosen radius. This app could offer in-app messaging to protect ...

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Elected Official and Election Finder

Benjamin Rosasabout 1 year ago

A website or app where a user submits and address or clicks on a map and can see information about their precinct, ward, caucus location, city council member, park board reps, Police Precinct inspe...

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Child Daycare Finder Application

Shata Yangabout 1 year ago

Child Daycare Finder Application  Help parents, family, friends, neighbors find child daycare so they can be at ease when transitioning to work or from one care provider to another.As a parent, my ...

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Carbon Neutral Arts Initiative

Logan Rodgersabout 1 year ago

Introduce current theater and arts spaces in Minneapolis with resources with sustainability and carbon neutrality in mind. Find ways to remodel arts-bussiness to give back to the Environment to hel...

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Sustainable Cities 3D

Michael Manoreabout 1 year ago

The intent of this idea is to put a face on 'Sustainability' by allowing the data to speak on its own behalf...and make it more interesting to engage.  The expectations are to measurably improve th...

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This schedule is being finalized and is subject to change. Here is the plan so far:


  • 9:00am - Doors Open
  • 9:15am - Brief opening remarks
  • 10:15am - Sessions
  • 11:30am - Sessions
  • 12:30pm - Lunch
  • 1:30pm - Sessions
  • 2:45pm - Sessions
  • 4:30pm - Close for the Day
  • 10:00am - Doors Open
  • 10:15am - Sessions
  • 11:30am - Sessions
  • 12:30pm - Lunch
  • 1:30pm - Sessions
  • 2:45pm - Closing
  • 4:00pm - Event Ends
Code Space
Through out Saturday and Sunday, the Code Space will be open to anybody who wants to work on a project. 

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