Presentation Demo

Just an event for demoing the presentations.

This event runs from March 3 at 9:00pm to March 6 at 9:11pm

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This is Open Twin Cities's CoEventer home. This will be a place for community idea submittion, voting, volunteering, event registration and other CoEventer event activities.

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Past Events

Geo:Code 2.0 from March 5 at 9:00am to March 6 at 5:00pm

Code Switch from June 4 at 9:00am to June 5 at 5:00pm

What is CoEventer?

CoEventer is a collaborative, idea driven event planning tool. Unconferences, hackathons and other events with community driven agendas require some upfront work. CoEventer helps you from start to finish: Collecting community ideas, voting and volunteering to help collaborate; Inviting collaborators and collecting registrations; Presentations to wrap up your events. CoEventer helps you with each step.